28 October, 2018

Video: The Citi-fication/City-fication of the USA

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At about the 2:30 duration mark, a small-town White guy talks about city life, and how, in the city, nobody knows anyone else and they don’t want to know anyone else. Yep. As city life slowly replaces country life, this will become the norm: an America full of big-city strangers living next door to each other. Just what the cosmopolitan Jews want: alienation and distrust among White people.


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  7. One Response to “Video: The Citi-fication/City-fication of the USA”

    1. Antagonistes Says:

      There is a huge contradiction in the American way of life: Everyone wants forests, streams, wildlife, etc. and wants life to be like a Thomas Kincaide painting, but our whole economy is built on construction.

      To keep our economy growing, building must occur and forests get cut down.

      Where I now live they are cramming in huge houses with very small yards; sometimes two or three huge houses on a lot meant for one.

      I have nothing against responsible developers . . . nevermind, an oxymoron.

      Welcome back, Soc!

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