12 November, 2018

On Feminism and Masculinity

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“Feminism has been wildly successful because it learned how to exploit “the natural concern of every society to protect and provide for women and children.”

Feminism assumes (not presumes) that men and women are “equal” from the beginning and that the only reason that women are “oppressed, second-class citizens” is because the evil men won’t allow them to realize and use their “natural-born equality.” That idea is absolute, total bullshit and that is why feminism is total crap. Feminism is a dead fish rotting in a garbage can. Pay no attention to anything that feminists say (but note: most women today are feminists, whether they admit it or not). Imagine if an apple said, “I’m equal to/the same as a banana!” Seriously?? As if they’re the same thing! As if! Two different things, my friends. Both are valuable, but very different.

Article, Part 1

Part 2

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    1. Hess Says:

      Under Jews, the USA has become a third world banana republic.

      Democrats adding votes and stealing an election – no one is investigated.

      You are a laughingstock.

      I live in Europe

      1. You cannot vote without an ID.
      You can only vote at the polling place where your address is.
      You cannot vote anywhere else.

      2. There are members of each party supervising each polling place.
      The urns are sealed.

      When voting finishes, there is a member of each party present when the vote count happens.

      3. If anyone tries to tamper an election, they go to JAIL.

      In the US, the Jews literally

    2. Clean Harry Says:

      Whites need to start wearing black masks, like ANTIFA – and start harassing Jews.

      It would be an idea to wear happy merchant masks.

      They should disappear before the polce arrives.

      But keep harrassing Jews.

      Muslims show us how it’s done.



    3. The Red Skull Says:

      When you got some old DemonRat nigroid
      Flouting the law
      And telling you your wrong to question
      Is going on
      You got serious problems with your elections .
      More proof Whites need to be without niggers
      In their Election process and their Cunt tree

    4. The Red Skull Says:

      Hilarious bumper sticker i saw
      Perfect response to feminist bs.

      Take off your shoes
      Get back in the kitchen
      Shut the Fuck up and make me
      And make me a sandwich

    5. The Red Skull Says:

      Typo Alert!
      Last line should read
      Shut the Fuck up and make me a Sandwich

    6. Thom McQueen Says:

      Down under we say Don’t argue with your wife,just dick her