30 December, 2018

Another Big Enemy of White People: Powerful Plutocrats and Bureaucrats Who Push for a New World Order

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What’s the difference between supercapitalism and Marxism? Often, not much. Both can become all-powerful and therefore can become the only game in town (the game here is the New World Order, and White people will go along with it “or else.” You know: “Sorry, but we’ve already decided your future for you”) [1]. It’s bad enough that Marxists and leftists control much of the West. Add to that the fact that “capitalist” plutocrats and bureaucrats pay big money, and engage in big brain-twisting and arm-twisting, to advance the New World Order agenda, and you can see that Whites are getting screwed from all sides. Notice the mention of George Soros here: [Article].

[1] international corporate imperialism is so powerful that plutocrats can tell presidents what to do, and they sometimes write or co-write legislation. A great example of that is billionaire Bernard Baruch and his relationship with president F.D. Roosevelt. The former was the “master” and the latter was the “dog”; Roosevelt would actually roll over and beg for Baruch

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