20 December, 2018

The Princess Syndrome in Modern Women

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A friend said to me: “When was the last time your wife or your girlfriend didn’t get her way?”

Me: “Didn’t? Well, let’s see…I don’t think that’s ever happened.”

Him: “Right. It hasn’t ever happened.”

He’s correct. In fact, over the last 100 years, women have gotten literally everything they wanted. The result of that has been catastrophic for men and for society in general. Women wanted to vote. They got that. They wanted to work outside of the home, and they got it [1]. They wanted to hold public office, and they got it. They wanted abortions, and they got them. They wanted “easy divorce” laws and they got them. They wanted their men to “do their fair share of the housework,” and they got that [2]. They wanted to wear manpants, to be cops, to be firemen (oops, firepersons), and they got that, even though they weren’t physically qualified. They wanted to join the military (even the Marine Corps! A combat unit!), and they got that, somehow. All this has created generations of uppity, spoiled, “we’re equal now!” princesses who always get whatever they want. They never hear the word “no.” That’s not good. People need to hear the word “no” once in a while.

[1] when women entered the workforce in large numbers, divorce rates and juvenile delinquency both skyrocketed

[2] both my grandfather and my uncle were “men’s men”: they were hunters, fishermen, amateur mechanics and so on. Yet, in both of their households, even though they (the men) were the breadwinners, their wives “wore the pants” so to speak. I’m still trying to figure that out

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