17 January, 2019

A Closer Look at the Enemy

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“So here’s one of those complications about the way the Jews wield their power. They don’t have to own everything in order to have things go their way. A newspaper editor or a television station owner doesn’t have to be Jewish in order to slavishly follow the Jewish party line. The Jews own enough of the media — they hold enough of the policy-making positions — so that no one, or almost no one, wants to cross them. When an institution becomes corrupt — and that, unfortunately, is the case with our mass media, just as with our political system — the Jews can count on using their power to make things go their way.”


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  7. One Response to “A Closer Look at the Enemy”

    1. jayhackworth Says:

      jew-run news; they drone on with their anti white media. None but the deaf and blind couldn’t be aware at this point.