10 March, 2019

Maryland: Uh-Oh: the Goyim Are Starting to Resist Goy-Control

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Jewish gun-grabber #1: “Oy, veh! The goyim are starting to resist gun controls. This could lead to another Holocaust!”

Jewish gun-grabber #2: “We may have to flee to Tel Aviv! It’s a good thing that we have dual citizenship!”


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  7. One Response to “Maryland: Uh-Oh: the Goyim Are Starting to Resist Goy-Control”

    1. Free Speech Message Board Says:

      Maybe homelessness is not rising just because houses are expensive.

      Maybe homelessness is high because US debt has increased inflation, taxes are high, minimum wages have raised costs, regulations have pushed up prices while crushing the economy, technology has lowered wages, and despair about US wars, debt, tyranny, moral decay, illegal immigration, offshoring, and welfare has killed the work ethic and has led to increased alcoholism and drug use.