24 April, 2019

Judged By a Jury of Your Peers? In Modern America? How Will That Happen?

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Given the horrible multiculturalism in America today (which of course has been caused by immigration), how is a White person, who is accused of a crime, going to get a fair and impartial jury to judge him at trial [1]? In fact, the bigger the city that a White person lives in, the less likely it is that he will be judged by a jury of his “peers.” The American legal system was created by White people. Blacks and Browns taint and skew America’s legal system.

[1] the Sixth Amendment guarantees the right to “an impartial jury.” How is a jury full of Blacks, or Browns, sitting in judgement of a White person, “impartial”? The jury will naturally have inborn biases, despite the use of the voir dire process

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  7. One Response to “Judged By a Jury of Your Peers? In Modern America? How Will That Happen?”

    1. Ozzie Says:

      This drives me nuts. Id love an actual jury of my peers but as the white race as a whole is threatened. Its less and less likely that I will have more than 2 or 3 fellow whites on said jury. With that being said how in the hell do the colourd (blacks, browns, yellows) even know what its like to be white? They dont and therefore cant be impartial juries. Until i get a jury of my WHITE, ARYAN PEERS, there wont be such a thing as an impartial jury for us whites

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