9 April, 2019

The Cult of Cultural Marxism: It Really is a Cult, Employing Mind Games and Double-Standards to Fool the Stooges

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“You may have wondered why cultural Marxism demands we use certain terms while maligning other words and expressions as anathema. It’s a thought reform process that parallels Robert J. Lifton’s “loading of the language.”

“Or you may wonder why cultural Marxism insists race is a social construct that’s only skin deep, while condemning racism and “white supremacy” as if race were a natural construct. You may also wonder why cultural Marxism denounces racism as the ultimate evil but concurrently embraces anti-white racism as the ultimate good. It’s device common to the “ideological totalism” of cults and, apparently, to cultural Marxism.”


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  7. One Response to “The Cult of Cultural Marxism: It Really is a Cult, Employing Mind Games and Double-Standards to Fool the Stooges”

    1. The Red Skull Says:

      Marxists are never called out for their Glaringly Obvious double standard because to
      Do so will prove your “an evil hateful white racist type who want to gas 6 million more jews”!
      That and the Judenpress is completely in their white hating hands.

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