22 April, 2019

The Global Effort to DePlatform All Right-Wing Parties and People

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Everywhere you look in the world, right-wing people and parties are being banned, censored and silenced. So much for “tolerance” and “democracy.” Such censorship is political extremism, which always comes from the Left. (Note the mention of Spain’s former leader Francisco Franco in the article and realize that, if not for Franco’s efforts, Spain would have fallen to the Marxist, Soviet-backed “republicans” circa 1938. In other words, the “cruel fascist dictator” Franco saved Spain; he paved the way for real freedom in that country; Franco has been banned and censored posthumously). [Article].

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  7. One Response to “The Global Effort to DePlatform All Right-Wing Parties and People”

    1. The Red Skull Says:

      This is proof that if we dont win the Big Fight for our
      Survival then ALL our History and Achievements will
      Be wiped out by our enemies in addition to the survivors
      That are left becoming Persecuted AND Vilified in the areas
      That we occupy .
      ” You Evil White Racists DESERVE EVERYTHING YOU GET!!”

      Will be their Mantra —- it already is as a matter of fact.

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