6 April, 2019

The Hateful Lie of Liberalism

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Liberalism/leftism is an international “hate Whitey” movement. Nothing more.

The Jews pioneered liberalism (most especially the New Left, beginning circa 1964), but here’s a big problem today: there are many, many more liberals than Jews. Jews number in the millions. But liberals number in the many-tens-of-millions. They’re everywhere. They’re like ants. They’re even in places you’d never think they’d be, like in small towns in Wyoming and Nebraska [1].

Anyway, I heard a liberal say this just recently: “people are all the same, wherever you go in the world. All people, no matter their race, have the same hopes, the same dreams, the same values.”

Oh, really? Then why do liberals only seek to, ahem, “improve” the White countries by flooding them with foreign immigrants? The liberals don’t seem to be very interested in “improving” the nations of China or Nigeria or Brazil with foreign immigrants. No. They don’t seem to be interested in “improving” Mexico by flooding it with thousands of African immigrants. Why is that? Why do the liberals only push their “let’s improve this country by changing the population” idea on the White Western countries such as America, Canada, England, France, and Germany? The answer, of course, is that liberalism is not “progressive.” It’s not about “improvement.” It is, at its root, about the hatred of White Western culture. The liberals want to destroy White culture. To them, White culture is “oppressive.” White culture is also “too successful” and “too rich.” And, Whites “stole the land” from Brown people (even though, in almost all cases, that isn’t true).

Liberalism is pure hate. The liberals hate you, White man. They want to destroy you and your culture. Liberalism is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

[1] The communist Jew, Herbert Marcuse, is the “father” of the New Left with his 1964 book “One-Dimensional Man”

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    1. The Red Skull Says:

      As Lynyrd Skynyrd
      Would say—
      You Got that Right!
      You shore Got that right!

      Thats why Liberalism and Communism are to be Officially Banned
      In whatever White Nation State that manages to appear out of the
      Smoking Ashes of old Jew Run and Jew Poisoned old Amerikwa!

      14 words
      88 reasons

    2. Luke Says:

      Saw this yesterday:


      I smell the stench of Jared Kushner’s jewy shit wafting off of this one. Trump made a recent big show of withdrawing some peckerwood’s name from the list of candidates for this dubiously un-Constitutional gig. In his usual bullshitter style, he tries to sound ‘macho’ and announces that he wants to pick someone who will be tougher than the peckerwood who was waiting in the wings. Coulter has been beating the drum for Kobach, but for the DHS job to replace that useless Bush-ite split tail.

      I have a very strong hunch that the jooz want to find a way to neutralize Kobach, who has a reputation for being a real hard ass on this immigration topic. What better way than to lure him into the Trump cuck master net, give him a fancy sounding title and some job – but, since they would then have full control over what he is allowed to do, they can effectively neuter the guy and keep him from being available in case the DHS job suddenly gets vacated.

      Apparently, Kobach himself has a few suspicions about this being what the Kushner rat is up to, based on his statement: “depends on the details of the job and whether the position would allow him to enact swift policy changes to stem soaring illegal immigration levels.”

      Remember my prediction. If he accepts this job, it will come with a pair of handcuffs and leg irons and he will not be allowed to do diddly shit.

      Its all theater. Kobach should tell Trump to shove his unconstitutional czar job offer, if he gets asked – up his ass and declare his intention to run in the 2020 primary and challenge Trump for the GOP nomination.

      I get the sense that, now that the jooz think they have Trump under their control, the big jooz want to get the cuck bastard reelected. Having someone like Kobach putting extreme pressure on Trump might force him to return to his 2016 promises on the border and on immigration.

    3. Antagonistes Says:

      I looked up the book, “One Dimensional Man” and read about it.

      Marcuse criticizes both Capitalism and Marxism.

      It sounded like something I might agree with, much like “Small is Beautiful.”

      But then again, I REALLY liked reading “The Mother Earth News,” with its advocacy of small-scale capitalism and back-to-the-land sentiments.

    4. Douglas MacArthur Says:


      Big insane lie spit on main stream in your face


    5. Douglas MacArthur Says:

      Luke Says:
      7 April, 2019 at 6:51 am

      Saw this yesterday: