13 June, 2019

Iowa: White Supremacy? Where?

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The phrase “Love Your Race” is “White supremacy”? Really? How? Since when?

But regardless of the flyers, White people should love their race — after all, Whites gave the world to mankind [1]. We even gave Brown people “democracy” and cell phones and look what they did with them! Selling drugs and voting for assholes: nice going, losers.


[1] Whites gave the world almost everything it has: the telephone, the automobile, the bicycle, electricity, the computer, the airplane, the TV set, the air conditioner, the furnace, the radio/stereo, the lightbulb, the camera, the telescope, the clock, the wristwatch, the refrigerator, concrete, democracy, space travel — mankind would still be living in the Stone Age without White people. And do the Brown people ever thank us for all of those things? Nope

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    1. Herr Wolf Says:

      Basic survival instincts are not racist. Allowing the Marxists to take over education and the English language was a serious tactical mistake with strategic consequences.
      If only Whitey could be left alone so that the dirt races could enjoy their Africa utopia while they sit in a mud hut and rub dung in their hair or some illiterate squat brown goblins can bash in a shit filled piñata in some bean dip dung heap.