30 June, 2019

North Korea Follies

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North Korea’s leader, Fatboy Kim Jong Un, doesn’t know it, but he’s practicing a Jewish ideology that doesn’t work (i.e., communism) and isn’t even supposed to work! What a cruel fool is Fatboy – I say cruel because his people are starving while he gets fatter and fatter. If it weren’t for massive aid from China, North Korea would have collapsed years ago. China, while still technically communist, wisely adopted a form of “state capitalism” and became rich.

Anyway, none of this stuff with North Korea would even be happening today if Jews hadn’t helped China turn communist (they made two big attempts to accomplish that, with the last one succeeding), which led to a communist North Korea, and the Korean War, and the current sticky situation with Fatboy Kim’s weaponry).


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    1. der Schöne Adolf Says:

      “If today I stand here as a revolutionary, then it is as a revolutionary against the revolution.”

      Adolf Hitler