15 June, 2019

The “Slavery Reparations” Hearings in Congress Next Week, or, Getting Revenge on Whitey Again, or, Why Not Focus on Modern African Slavery?

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1. Most White people in America did not own negro slaves. Only a small percentage of Whites owned them. Slaves were very expensive. So, with slavery reparations (cash payouts will happen at some point in time), most White taxpayers will be punished for something that they, and their ancestors, didn’t even do.

2. Contrary to popular belief, American slave-traders didn’t capture their negro slaves by chasing them through the African jungles. Instead, negro tribal chiefs in Africa sold negroes into slavery to the White slave-traders — often very cheaply, e.g., trading two chickens for one negro. (Then, as now, negroes cared little about other negroes).

3. If Blacks are given reparations, will they stop murdering, robbing, raping, assaulting, stealing and drug-dealing? (Betcha not).

4. Who will decide who gets reparations and who doesn’t? If you’re half-Black, will you get reparations? What about if you’re 1/4 Black? And, who will get reparations next? “Native Americans”? Homosexuals? Mexicans? Women? (I’m guessing all of them).

5. Blacks have already gotten lots of reparations from Whites. For example: food stamps, six different kinds of federal and state welfare payments, rent-subsidized housing, Affirmative Action, free Obamacare health care, free (pro bono) legal aid from liberal and “civil rights” groups, etc. Whitey has bent over backwards to help Blacks — you’d think that Blacks were really, really important people!

6. Slavery in America ended 154 years ago. Let’s move on, okay? (But yet, slavery is still practiced in Africa today! There’s some serious irony there! [1]).


[1] “Slavery has never been eradicated in Africa, and it commonly appears in African states, such as Chad, Ethiopia, Mali, Niger, and Sudan…” — Wikipedia.

  • 5 Responses to “The “Slavery Reparations” Hearings in Congress Next Week, or, Getting Revenge on Whitey Again, or, Why Not Focus on Modern African Slavery?”

    1. Arian Says:

      Blacks deserve reparations, a tent, a shovel and a ticket to Africa.

    2. Panzerschreck 88 Says:

      Does Oprah get any of the gibsmedat? What about Hussein Hopenchange the Immacule Imam Messiah?
      My ancestors came over on boats looking for food and work. I don’t owe shit to any banjo lip shitskin mooncricket.

    3. BroncoColorado Says:

      It’s about time the descendants of Whites in the British Isles, Italy, southern France and Spain demanded reparations from Morocco and Algeria for the estimated one and a half million White people captured by Arab slave raiders during the period 1580 to 1760. There are respected academic books written about this period of White slavery, an accessible popular account is ‘White Gold’ by Giles Milton.

    4. SimplyFred Says:

      Blacks should be sued and forced to pay for the AIDS epidemic. Because blacks are the AIDS epidemic. (Costing us at least 68 billion a year)

    5. WhiteWinger Says:

      They were White And They were Slaves, by Michael A. Hoffman II
      White Cargo, by Don Jordan
      To Hell Or Barbados; The Ethnic Cleansing of Ireland, by Sean O’Callaghan
      Black Slaveowners , by Larry Kroger
      Proclamation 1625 ; America’s Enslavement of The Irish, by Herbert Byrd, Jr.
      Black Slaves, Indian Masters, by Barbara Krauthamer