28 June, 2019

UK: the Arrival of Negroes is Something to Celebrate?

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Oh, boy! Thousands of negroes from the Caribbean came to a White country between 1948 and 1971. Now there’s something to celebrate! Crack open the champagne! (Trivia: British police, who never carried handguns previously, began carrying them in 2000 as a result of Caribbean negro drug gangs terrorizing England) [1].



[1] British police didn’t routinely carry handguns until 2000, when, in response to “Afro-Caribbean” drug gangs such as the Jamaican Yardies, they began carrying pistols: “Operation Trident, or simply Trident, is a Metropolitan Police Service unit originally set up in 1998 to tackle gun crime and homicide disproportionately affecting African-Caribbean communities following a series of shootings in the London boroughs of Lambeth and Brent.” — Wikipedia.

“Nottinghamshire Police introduced regular armed patrols to the St. Ann’s and Meadows estates in Nottingham, in response to fourteen drug-related shootings in the two areas in the previous year.” — Flickr quote

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  7. 2 Responses to “UK: the Arrival of Negroes is Something to Celebrate?”

    1. True Sons Of Adolf Says:

      The glorious fundamental transformation improvementation is worldwide!
      The lowest common denominator is so equal comrade. Soon the U.K. can have a bitch slap rappin’ twerkfest like they do in the Kwanstain. Forward!

    2. BroncoColorado Says:

      Who in their right mind would bring Negroes with all the attendant problems into a White nation. Only a really evil group of hate-filled bastards would do such a thing. We now know who the enemy is, it is the jew. Adolf tried to tell us but we wouldn’t listen.
      British police except those at airports are unarmed, but it is a little disguised fact that all patrol cars have weapons on board for use in “an emergency”.