10 July, 2019

A Proposed New Law

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For the 116th Congress of the United States of America

Short Title: “The America Coming Home Act”

Co-sponsors: millions of patriotic American citizens

A Bill

To end American presence in the Middle East.

Since the 1970s, America has maintained a heavy political and military presence in the Middle East, with disastrous results: America has endured an oil embargo (in 1973), numerous terrorist attacks (including 9/11), endless political turmoil and three wars (the 1991 Gulf War, the 2003 Iraq War and the Afghanistan War), and America is currently heading for another war with Iran. It is time for America to end her expensive, unproductive and unnecessary presence in the Middle East and “return home” to her long-neglected domestic duties (e.g., the U.S./Mexico border crisis).

Beginning January 1, 2020, America will cease all political and military activity in the Middle East. All U.S. embassies and U.S. military bases in the Middle East will close permanently.

Furthermore, U.S. military armaments will no longer be sold or given to any Middle Eastern countries, including Israel. Additionally, all U.S. monetary aid to the Middle East, including to Israel, will cease; the problems of the Middle East must be solved by Middle Eastern people, not by America.

America will continue regular trade with countries in the Middle East.

  • 2 Responses to “A Proposed New Law”

    1. Joe Says:

      “For the 116th Congress of the United States of America
      Short Title: “The Dual-Citizen Israeli Pogrom Act”
      Co-sponsors: millions of patriotic American citizens”

      This would be a far more effective act and solve virtually every problem we face in one fell swoop.

    2. The Cult of the Jewish Carpenter Says:

      It was the peanut farmer Jimmeh Cartah that declared the whole area an American protectorate. To be fair his puppetmasters told him to say this.
      The Middle East must be made safe for Israel and there is plenty of American blood and money to get the job done.
      Remember that Christlings in the Kwanstain don’t think there will be a seat in heaven without being joined at the hip with Israel.