2 July, 2019

America is Opening Her Streets to Bums, Thanks to the Liberalization Of Everything

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Everything in the Western world has been liberalized. Every law, every idea, every trend. Why? For one thing, liberals control the Western media. The media sets the trends and the styles. For another thing, liberals, being more emotional, fight harder in order to cause the political and social changes that they want. They simply outfight conservatives.

Anyway, in 1975, these “voluntarily homeless” people would have been arrested for vagrancy. But not today. Now, the “homeless” are a protected species with more rights than you have.


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  7. One Response to “America is Opening Her Streets to Bums, Thanks to the Liberalization Of Everything”

    1. Lefty Mongtard Says:

      When everyone is a vagrant the glorious equality will finally be achieved. Forward!

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