17 July, 2019

“National Conservatism”: It’s the Latest Jewish Thing

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The Jews are always doing funny things to protect the Jews, or Israel, or both. For example, the Jews re-invented the Political Right once. That became known as “neoconservatism,” which was at its root a type of Jewish nationalism (i.e., the Jews thinking/acting racially; strangely, White gentiles also practice neoconservatism! Who knew, right??). But neoconservatism was of limited help to the Jews. So now, in The Age Of Donald Trump, the Jews are doing some more re-inventing on the Right again. This time, they are fiddling with “nationalism” (which means “anyone thinking and acting racially”) apparently because they are afraid that Trump will legitimize, and therefore spawn, White racism, which will lead to Nazism, which will lead to 350 million Jews being gassed in special ovens in Pittsburgh, oy veh! This new, Jewish-sponsored, specially-tweaked “nationalism” will be “good for the Jews” and “good for Israel.” It’s sort of funny: the Jews already have two types of their own nationalism: Zionism (which is about protecting/strengthening Israel) and neoconservatism (which is about using American power to protect/strengthen Israel), and now this new type will make three types (oddly, this new type seems to reject neoconservatism). Or maybe it’s all just one type of several inter-connected types??…geez, it’s plain confusing watching the Jews maneuver around…


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  7. One Response to ““National Conservatism”: It’s the Latest Jewish Thing”

    1. Panzerfaust 60 Says:

      Playing both sides of the street just in case. Where will Hymie run to when the immigration pets turn against?

      “The Jews will always tell you how they are hated, but never the reasons why.” – Russian proverb