24 July, 2019

Oy Veh!

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Seen on the TV: an eye-opening conversation. Texas congressman Louie Gohmert said on Fox News With Tucker Carlson (Wed. 7/24/19) that, re: the Robert Mueller congressional testimony about the anti-Trump Russia hoax on 7/24/19, “it was also clear from the hearing today that Weissmann must have been the driving force in all of this.”

Was Gohmert talking about Mueller’s special counsel prosecutor Andrew Weissmann? If so, oy veh! In fact, that’s a double-oy-veh! Wait, no, that’s a triple-oy-veh!

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  7. One Response to “Oy Veh!”

    1. Adolf Satan Says:

      The big bad superpower has its elections controlled by Russia?
      A few bots on Fakebook influenced people to vote for Trump?
      They trashed Mueller’s prestige in their zeal to remove a duly elected sitting president. It is obvious that he was not in charge.
      The dreaded “conspiracy theorists” are now saying that they instructed Mueller to fumble and stumble in order to get a new investigation later.
      I hate the Bolsheviks to the point of intoxication and if they are not reigned in there won’t be any republic left.

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