6 August, 2019

“Hate Crime” Laws Have Over-Reached. What Happens When “Red Flag” Gun Laws Over-Reach?

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Under unconstitutional “hate crime” laws, one guy went to prison because, before he simply punched a guy during a fight at a party, he called him a “chink” (Asian) first. Instant prison sentence, instant felony record for him.

What happens when “red flag” gun laws over-reach? How many weeks, or months, will it take for you to get your guns back from some government agency? (“I’m sorry, but you didn’t submit Form 5471923, Form 2867449, Form 8662554 and Form 3591112, each of which must be signed by five judges, four psychiatrists and three rabbis by April 4, 2020. That’s two days from now.”). Or will you ever get your guns back? (“Sorry, but we destroy all firearms that aren’t claimed after 30 days. Lack of shelf space, you know.”).

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  7. One Response to ““Hate Crime” Laws Have Over-Reached. What Happens When “Red Flag” Gun Laws Over-Reach?”

    1. Thom McQueen Says:

      This is exactly what Mr. Limbo was saying on his program today. He said it was a backdoor entry for gun confiscation.

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