25 August, 2019

Lynching? Big Whoop, or, Negro Behavior vs. White Behavior

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How many Black people were lynched by White people in the old days (circa 1865-1930)? A reasonable but high guess is around 1,000 (or about 15 Blacks per year, within a 65-year period). Lynching wasn’t a common event, despite the liberal media hype. Some of the people who were lynched were White criminals. Most of the time, a negro was lynched because he misbehaved in some way towards a White person, e.g., he tried to molest a White woman (or he tried to sing a rap song in church, heh-heh-heh).

By contrast, how many Whites are murdered by Blacks each year these days? With 17,000 murders committed per year in the U.S. today, a reasonable guess is around 3,000 Whites per year (it’s hard to guess since race/crime statistics are often “cooked” by government officials for anti-White political reasons, e.g., Hispanic offenders are often labeled as “White” in crime statistics).


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  7. 2 Responses to “Lynching? Big Whoop, or, Negro Behavior vs. White Behavior”

    1. Ragnarok Says:

      Nowadays the church would have the (c)rapper intro drag queen story hour while the good reverend rolls up in a Cadillac.
      As long as that tax exemption status and wheelbarrows full of money from poor downtrodden future democrat voters err I mean immigrants keeps coming in.

    2. Luke Says:

      I believe that I have read that, by some historical accounts, that during the height of the power of the old KKK, almost as many whites were lynched as blacks.

      The reasons for these White lynching was usually due to their having committed some kind of racially treasonous act – such as taking the side of blacks over that of their own race. m

      Searching for this kind of information online will usually take you websites that are clearly providing jewed explanations for these Whites who were lynched. They’ll claim that the KKK strung these Whites up because they were ‘fighting racism’ – which is how jews describe, and try to camouflage, White race treason.

      Typical jewing of our language. To see what jews really think about race treason – do some research on what jews had to say about Bernie Madoff and how he swindled his fellow jews out of millions of their hard-stolen shekels.

      The bottom line is that jews LOVE it when Whites stab their fellow Whites in the back and commit race treason. But, when jews do it to other jews, they have the exact opposite reaction.