9 August, 2019

Moral AIDS

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“The part of our message that caused the most distress to the Politically Correct folks at the University of Texas was our warning to White women to stay away from Black males. That upset the Jews and Marxists, of course, because they have been pushing hard to encourage interracial sex. That’s the ultimate cure for the race problem, they claim. When everyone is a mulatto, when we’ve all become the same shade of brown a few generations hence, then there will be no more racism, and we all will live together happily forever after. Well, of course, we expect that sort of poisonous propaganda from the Jews and the Marxists. What is really disappointing is the degree to which this poisonous attitude has taken hold in the university community generally, and also among the general public.

And you know, it’s worse than simply having been taught incorrect information about racial differences. And it’s worse than simply a change of opinion about racial matters. It’s a general softening, a general feminization of public attitudes. American universities not only have been dumbed down in the name of equality; they also have been wimped down. They have been demasculinized.”


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