27 August, 2019

More on Global Warming, or, Jewish Experts in the Western World

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A hockey stick graph? It looks more like a dreidel-shaped graph to me. Almost every Western guru is a Jew, including the “global warming” guru.


  • 3 Responses to “More on Global Warming, or, Jewish Experts in the Western World”

    1. Gestapo-SS Says:

      I’m starting to enjoy Clown World. The best part will be rubbing their faces in the shit of the “utopia” they think that they will create.
      Let’s hear a big round of applause for the inbred “elites” and the golden utopian paradise. Bwahahah!
      Be ready and stick around so you can laugh your ass off at the FAIL of the stupid human earth monkeys.
      Don’t worry because subhuman mongrel genetic misfires will get their just rewards and it will be beautiful.

    2. Antagonistes Says:

      Whenever there is fraud and deceit ANYWHERE—business, science, art, psychology, spirituality, anthropology—it seems to be the same people behind it.

      Blowhards. Mountebanks. Charlatans. Medicine-show provocateurs.

      The gnostics were right. An evil god created the world, and these are indeed his chosen people. Jesus said the same, “Your father is the devil.”

    3. Efren Says:

      These are the contextual and the life stage fashions.