10 August, 2019

On Jeffrey Epstein’s Death

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Liberal #1: “Oh, thank God! Now, 400 powerful liberals won’t be going to prison!”

Liberal #2: “Thank you, Lord!”

Jew #1: “Praise the Mossad!”

Jew #2: “Praise the sayanim!”


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    1. BroncoColorado Says:

      I can picture the DA at a press conference: “Mr Epstein sustained fatal injuries indicating he took a drug overdose, hanged and then shot himself, 4 times. It’s the clearest case of suicide.”

    2. Luke Says:

      I saw this coming a mile away. Had Epstein been allowed to spill the beans on the names of the politicians and high ranking government officials who are compromised and controlled by Israel using blackmail – the whole blackmail stranglehold that Israel has on the USA government would have likely been either completely broken, or at a minimum, seriously reduced as the politicians and bureaucrats would have been kicked out of their jobs and then replaced with fresh faces.

      Israel would have then had to start over and try to find ways to blackmail the new replacements – and with the exposure of the Israeli Mossad blackmail operation, the new replacements would have instinctively been very suspicious of any ‘enticements’ offered to them by anyone with a nose so hooked it could open a can of pork and beans.

      By killing Epstein, they kill two birds with one stone. They shut him up forever, and now it will be a long drawn out soap opera of ‘he said, she said’ when the victimized females start lawyering up and filing civil lawsuits and most importantly, the blackmail controlled pedo politicians will remain blackmaile controlled pedo politicians and the jew stranglehold on America goes on unabated.

      Oh, and one other point that I do not want to fail to add. These lawyers who will be gloming on to these White female victims will likely be mostly or completely jewish lawyers – so, once again, we have Satan’s Spawn raking in multiple millions of shekels in these lawsuits and the victims will be lucky to get peanuts.

      Which, when you really think about it – is a just punishment for any White woman who would hand the keys to her beaver to a jew or to any other non-white.

    3. Robert Ferrara Says:

      I concur with both of the above posts. Always these greasy rat faced kikes are involved.

    4. Jill Mustang and Big Jim Jesus Says:

      Jesus Christ, Jeffrey Epstein, Lee Harvey Oswald. One supremely Good, the others low-lifes, but they had to be shut-up. All for the same reason.

    5. Jürgen Says:


      Not only is another pedophile jew gone, but, GET THIS –
      at the names in the very first paragraph here):


    6. Zerstorer Says:

      Another possibility apart from suicide, is a covert operation to fake his death and ship him to the gangster state of Israel.

    7. Douglas MacArthur Says:

      One thing Halturd concretely displayed is that COINTELPRO was was always here, and yet all through the years so many shit bird took years to ban.


      Epstein’s cause of death still not official after autopsy: medical examiner
      By Chris Perez
      August 11, 2019 | 8:38pm | Updated

    8. Antagonistes Says:

      Zerstorer, I thought that the idea that Epstein was still alive was nuts, but World Nutcase Daily has photos showing that the ears and nose of the guy on the gurney do not match those of Epstein. I can see how the nose might change a bit in death, but the ear could not change its tragus and anti-tragus as that photo shows.

    9. BroncoColorado Says:

      It will be interesting to see how may rabbis officiate at his funeral, if only 1 or 2 attend we should indeed suspect the real Epstein is relaxing in Tel Aviv on a lounger by a pool surrounded by nubile underage shiskas.
      When Maxwell was ‘offed’ by Mossad he was planted in a prime spot in Jerusalem with lots of Hasidic style rabbis in attendance. Judaism is a joke.