20 August, 2019

The BDS Movement is Bent on “Destroying” Israel via Boycotts?

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The myth: “The BDS movement wants to use boycotts to destroy Israel!”

The fact: Israel can never be destroyed financially, because America funds and protects Israel via a special 1975 law (Germany also funds Israel, to a much lesser extent, via endless Holocaust reparations payments) [1]. This lie about the possible “destruction of Israel” via BDS is more proof that the Jews are habitual, paranoid liars.


[1] the 1975 Sinai II agreement, created by the Jewish diplomat Henry Kissinger, ensures that America will protect Israel in any way, at any cost. It’s a “lifetime” agreement, renewed periodically, that has harmed America in so many ways: financially, politically, militarily

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    1. Joel Says:


    2. Joel Says:

      Here, this is an easier address to read


    3. Bhavik Sujitra Says:

      Please be careful with what anyone says about Israel and the Jews.
      They have a strong presence in the legal ,financial and media systems in the US. BDS can never do anything to them as they have vast financial resources from the world bank and stock markets around the world. In India all the Jews have immigrated to Israel and now we have peace.
      The USA ,should follow our path and slowly expel them and illegal immigrants and they will also have peace ,safety and prosperity.