6 September, 2019

Brexit: Elites vs. Normal People, or, the Latter Should Run the World

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Postpone, postpone, postpone. The oldest legal trick in history. The idea is to wear the other guy out, leading to his eventual defeat — winning by attrition, in other words.

But anyway…

Three years ago, the voters of Britain said that they wanted to leave the EU. A necessary move. Britain should be controlled by the British. Duh!

But powerful, wealthy elites have since decided that the British voters were wrong. Britain should be controlled by foreigners at the EU in Brussels, Belgium, they say. British sovereignty be damned! Screw the Brits! they say.

This is a classic battle between elites and normal people [1].

Elites can’t be trusted, because elites, since they live in isolated bubbles full of luxury and “yes men”, lack common sense and common decency. Elites may be “book smart,” but that does not translate to “having common sense.” Elites know nothing about the real world. Limousines, butlers, private jets and caviar are not part of the real world.

Elites and normal people: they are living on the same planet, yes, but they are living in very different worlds. The elite world is a fantasy world, like The Land of Oz.



[1] I once read a long and interesting essay about elite people vs. regular people. Many elites are psychologically warped, because they were never punished for bad behavior as children, and they were also shielded from the normal world. They were very spoiled. They grew up with a severe sense of entitlement and superiority; bad and irresponsible behavior was the norm for them during childhood and that continued into adulthood

  • One Response to “Brexit: Elites vs. Normal People, or, the Latter Should Run the World”

    1. Teppy Porsos Says:

      Most knew this would happen. Until the inbred “elites” are in danger there won’t be any change.
      They view humanity as visual pollution on their playground earth. The majority of manboons don’t even realize they are in a war for survival.
      Londonistan and Englandstan are long gone anyway so it really doesn’t matter if they leave or stay in the new Soviet EU.