7 September, 2019

On the Eve of More Jewish Gun-Grabbing Attempts: An Assault Weapon is a Fully-Automatic Machine Gun

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The Jewish-led gun ban attempts are starting already: News quote: “Over in the House, Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., has said his panel will hold a hearing on “assault weapons” in late September.” (When would Nadler find the time to do that, with all the Trump-impeaching he’s doing?).

A note for retards, vegetarians, soccer-moms and glue-sniffers: an “assault weapon/rifle/carbine” is a military rifle capable of firing in fully-automatic mode. That’s means it’s a machine gun, just like the U.S. Army uses. It can empty its magazine in 6 seconds or so, merely by holding the trigger back with your index finger until all of those evil bullet-thingies have flown downrange on their way to mow down innocent furry animals.

Most gun-owning citizens do not own machine guns/assault weapons/assault rifles. Most. That means “the majority of them.” Like, 98% of them don’t own any. Only someone with a Class III federal license can own one.

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  7. One Response to “On the Eve of More Jewish Gun-Grabbing Attempts: An Assault Weapon is a Fully-Automatic Machine Gun”

    1. Jagdgeschwader 300 Wilde Sau Says:

      Confiscation will run smoothly just like the transition to communism after almost 250 years of a working system.
      The first rule of common sense is do not dismantle a working system.
      Are the bubble dwellers sure that their praetorian guards are faithful and ready to get bloody during the coming confiscations?
      Are the security agents sure that their neighbors won’t retaliate against their families while they are out rounding up guns from private citizens?
      Utopia? I’m going to have a huge smile as the comrades get the hell on earth that they so richly deserve.

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