10 September, 2019

Wrong Race, Florida Lawmakers: It Was the Jews Who Invented Racism and Supremacism, Not Whites

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“The Rodriguez resolution condemns the belief that “the white race is superior to all other races, that nonwhites are subhuman, and that the white race was created to rule over other races.” [Here].

No, that would be the Jews who created a belief in such things, not Whites. But, that’s a nice attempt at fooling the public anyway. The Jews were the first people to claim, in their official, daily doctrines, that they were superior to all other humans, and that non-Jews were animals [1]. Read for yourself: here, a Jewish professor, Dr. Israel Shahak, tells all about Jewish racism and bigotry: [Book Chapter].


[1] Jews are not genetically White, despite having “white” skin

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