4 October, 2019

America’s Future: What Will Happen?

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I don’t have a crystal ball to peer into in order to foretell America’s future — who knows what that future might hold? But if I did have such a device, here’s what I might see:

The year is 2040, the place is somewhere in America:

Radio announcer: “This dramatic news has just come into the station: the governors of ten Western and Midwestern states have just announced that they have formed a union of their states, and, that that union will “divorce” itself from America, effective tomorrow. The governors say, in part, that “America is going over a cliff and we will not follow her over it.” Their proclamation seems a bit racist and isolationist, as all of the governors in question are White men, and furthermore, they say that multiculturalism, globalism and big-government policies are killing America. I have the proclamation that they have released, and I’ll be reading parts of it after this commercial break.

“Folks, this proclamation by the ten governors is so dramatic and controversial that I will read you not just parts of it but the entire document. Here it is:


“We, the governors of Montana, Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, and Nebraska, issue the following proclamation on this day of July 3, 2040:

America is going over a cliff and we will not follow her over it.

We, meaning our ten states, are opting out of America. We are “divorcing” ourselves from the U.S.A. The policies of the federal government are killing our republic as surely as strychnine kills a rat. Policies such as multiculturalism, globalism, Cultural Marxism, Zionism, debt-money, and endless military aggression overseas have bankrupted and destroyed our republic. America’s founders gave us a constitutional, White republic, but America is now an unconstitutional, dysfunctional, crime-ridden, debt-ridden, multicultural “mob-ocracy” where anything goes; we are a new Babylon, a sick society where wrong is right and down is up.

For us, it’s time for a do-over. We, as governors, feel obligated to return our citizens to the ideas and values that made the old America great, and we must turn our backs on the ideas and values that have made the new America a violent, multicultural, immoral, dysfunctional, debt-ridden, Zionist absurdity.

Effective tomorrow, July 4, 2040 at 7:00 AM EST, our ten states will become one state, a White republic which will be guided by Western values and beliefs. Our new republic will be called The Union of the West, or UW for short. Our new union will follow good, wholesome laws, using good, wholesome logic, and it will be using good, wholesome money as well, which it will issue.

Make no mistake: this isn’t a civil war declaration of any sort. This is instead a breaking-away declaration.

Our new republic will appoint a president, a vice-president and a legislature within days, and it will produce a written constitution shortly.

Signed, the interim leaders of
The Union of the West”

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