14 November, 2019

By Inching Closer to Russia’s Doorstep, NATO Will, One Day, Cause a War Between America and Russia

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Here’s the basic, Jewy situation: America is “allowed” to place rockets near Russia (e.g., in Poland, Ukraine, etc.), but Russia is not “allowed” to place rockets near America (e.g., in Mexico or Cuba) — that would be a “serious military threat”! Clever and Talmudic reasoning!

Unlike the UN, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) is a war-fighting organization complete with combat jets (recall the NATO war on Serbia in 1999). Importantly, America more-or-less controls NATO (and you know how America just loves war! America’s motto: “Give War a Chance!”). NATO came from Chapter VII of the UN Charter, which germinated it; that Charter was written by a Jew named Leo Pasvolsky, a cartoonish, U.S. State Department official. The UN Security Council usually “green lights” NATO operations, like a snotty kid releasing a pit bull on an adult (“sic ’em, boy!”). Significantly, NATO operations have expanded geographically in recent years, going well beyond the designated Europe/Atlantic region, e.g., in Pakistan in 2005. Like all global entities, NATO just can’t stop expanding! The UN and NATO are illegal, since they violate the natural sovereignty that all countries have. (Globalism will keep increasing and increasing until someone stops it — so how about it, Mr. Trump? You could stop globalism, sort of…).


“Ukrainian membership of NATO would be a brazen provocation given the state of relations with Russia and would take the world, as Mikhail Gorbachev – the man who believed the empty promises of President Ronald Reagan – said this week, dangerously close to nuclear war.”


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