12 November, 2019

Modern America is Ill and It Needs Help Badly

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News quote: “Tuesday’s order from the Supreme Court does not mean Remington or other gun manufacturers will face any immediate liability, but it does set the stage for potential court battles over whether or not the gun industry is responsible for the Sandy Hook massacre and potentially open the door to other suits in relation to other mass shootings or murders.”

Why on earth would the so-called “Supreme” Court allow a gunmaker to be sued over the Sandy Hook shooting? Gunmakers have absolutely no control over what happens to a gun once it leaves their factory. Furthermore, the gunman’s mother owned the gun. This is totally ridiculous. This is “constitutional law”? Horseshit. This isn’t law. It’s a farce. I don’t care if the Court is an appellate court or not. It could have voted “thumbs down” and stopped the nonsense. Ever since 1939 when the Jew, Frankfurter, joined it (or you could go back earlier to the Jew, Brandeis, in 1916), the “high court” has been a joke. (Research the unconstitutional “Brandeis Briefs”).


  • 2 Responses to “Modern America is Ill and It Needs Help Badly”

    1. Zerstorer Says:

      The court issue is over how the firearm was marketed by Remington, I can see Hollywood being sued for promoting violence by showing firearms in a bad light.

    2. Socrates Says:

      Apparently, the kid did NOT buy the gun. His mother bought it.