23 November, 2019

Neoconservatives (in Japan??)

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“Neoconservative” is basically a fake label, and it was designed to fool people. The only thing “neoconservatives” are conservative about is fighting wars for Israel’s benefit (or, these days, opposing Russia) and that’s actually a liberal position, since the truly conservative position would be to stay home and not fight any unnecessary wars at all. Occasionally, a “neoconservative” will luck into a conservative opinion on some issue, but that’s usually by accident rather than by design (e.g., a political adviser told him to support a conservative issue and he simply agreed to do that). Just call them what they are: Jewish warmongers pushing a Jewish ethnic agenda (or, they’re shabbos goys who carry water for the Jews, e.g., Sen. John McCain and George W. Bush).

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