10 November, 2019

Speaking Derrida, Part 2

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I freely invented this Derrida-speak (because that’s what Derrida did, he invented everything freely) vis-a-vis The Great 2019 Donald Trump Impeachment Circus. (This is supposed to be funny):

“If there was a quid pro quo, then the Ukrainians would have to know that Trump knew that the Ukrainians knew it, because if they didn’t know that Trump knew that they knew that Trump knew, then they would know that he knew that they knew that he didn’t know, which is that he knew that they didn’t know, when they did know. But if it was a pretend quid pro quo, then he knew that they knew that he didn’t know that they knew, which means that they didn’t know that he knew that they didn’t know.” If you’re a fan of Derrida, this makes perfect sense!

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