19 November, 2019

Whites Interacting with Non-Whites: It’s Time to Hit the Stop Button, Newbies

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News quote: “A U.S. Air Force airman stationed in Colorado has been reduced in rank after he was accused of having ties to a white nationalist group, according to a report on Tuesday.”

Oh, really??? First of all: to hell with the U.S. military. All the old-timers have either quit or retired. Now it’s full of negroes, Mexicans, women and fags.

Second of all, and much more importantly: Does your sister date a Black man? Shun her until she stops dating him. Does your brother date a Mexican girl? Ditto. Shun him until he wakes up. It’s time for Whites to totally “go their own way” in America. This means: if you’re White, don’t have anything to do with Black or Brown people, or Jews. Period. No contact. Nothing. Is your neighbor Black or Mexican? Ignore him completely. No talking. No words.

Newbies, it’s time to circle the wagons regarding race. Don’t talk to, deal with, bargain with, or transaction with anyone who is not White, no matter what the circumstances might be.


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  7. 2 Responses to “Whites Interacting with Non-Whites: It’s Time to Hit the Stop Button, Newbies”

    1. Luke Says:

      I wholeheartedly agree with every piece of advice stated here.

      However, I also find myself battling with an almost insurmountable level of pessimism with regards to the current behavior I see coming from my fellow White humans.

      It seems as if Whites have somehow been programmed for their own racial destruction, and I struggle on a daily basis to try to pin point exactly how this unnatural situation has been engineered. Is it the jewish control of the mainstream media and entertainment? If so, why is it that, when I am watching a TV show or a movie and the jews start inserting their anti-White, racially destructive crap into the story lines – I am able to immediately recognize it and reject it – but, apparently, millions of other Whites simply absorb it and succumb to the brainwashing that drives them to behave in racially suicidal ways?

      Is the White race too stupid to survive? Evidently they are, because I have had heated arguments with other Whites during conversations where I bring up pro-White viewpoints and opinions. These Whites will try to ARGUE that it is somehow evil or unnatural for Whites to engage in Tribal Thinking and be concerned about their racial survival.

      When Trump got elected in 2016., many people in the pro-White movement thought this was a sign that Whites had finally woke up to their racial future if they wound up being reduced to a minority and subjugated to being ruled by non-whites who hate their guts. But, for the last 3 plus years, the virulently anti-White demonRats have been winning elections and there are still Whites who vote for these leftist bastards.

      How much worse does life have to get for Whites in America before Whites finally wake up?

    2. Douglas MacArthur Says:

      Fear and now renewed tyranny, plus paying bills for just living has half of US in a self made prison, older people watching TV is crazy, but on the bright side so many White male have given up paying for TV that its another reason they cater and incite them more every day.