8 January, 2020

Interesting Alimony Tale for “Divorce Month”

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It used to be hard to get a divorce in America. But now, thanks to “no-fault divorce laws,” it’s very easy to get one. In a few hours, presto! Your marriage is over!

But I digress.

Years ago, a co-worker told me a sad tale. He said, “I just got a divorce. I have to pay my ex-wife big money.” I said, “wow, that’s too bad.” He said, “yeah, my ex-wife took me to the cleaners financially. She took half of everything I own.” He said, “I can barely afford a hamburger now. And the thing is, it’s my money — I was the bread-winner, not her.”

Later, I told another, older co-worker about what the first co-worker told me about his divorce, and I will always remember what he said to me. It was very interesting and is even more so now, in this age of anti-male court judges and every-woman-is-a-feminist-by-default. He said: “I would never, ever allow anybody to take half of what I own, what I had earned and bought with my money — not a wife, not a cousin, not a best friend, no one. I would consider that to be grand theft from me and I would not tolerate that from anyone. Why not cut off my left arm, too? I would not allow it. I’d kill them first.”


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    1. Rusty Smith Says:

      Remember, the law is you don’t have to sign anything you don’t want to sign. If you don’t want to give her half the money, don’t sign the papers.