22 January, 2020

On the Vietnam War and Global Leftism as Imperialism of Another Type

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(Somewhere in America, 1960):

Powerful Jew #1: “Things are too peaceful and stable in America. That’s not good for us. We work best under the cover of turmoil and unrest, when nobody will notice our movements. We better start another war; call Walt Rostow, he’ll run it.”

Powerful Jew #2: “Good idea. There are too any White men walking around, breathing air.”

Like the 2003 Iraq War, the failed Vietnam War (1965-1975) was an illegal war because it was not in America’s interests and Congress didn’t declare war on North Vietnam.

Opposition to the Vietnam War was rather interesting: leftists were protesting a leftist-caused war. How funny is that? Leftists (almost always Jews and college students back then) protested the war for several reasons: 1) because they didn’t want America to win a war against Asian communism; 2) they were perpetually angry and needed something (anything) to yell about; 3) the leftists saw the war as more “American imperialism” (i.e., American foreign influence/control), although that’s a weak argument, since a) Western imperialism is, historically speaking, very common and it usually benefits non-White countries; b) much more importantly, international socialism and communism (long embraced by the Left of course) are types of imperialism, e.g., the European Union, which pushes “foreign influence/control” onto various sovereign countries. Other examples: Katanga, Africa in 1960/1962, when UN “peacekeeping” troops attacked the anti-communist government of Black, Christian leader Mo├»se Tshombe. Katanga was filled with anti-communist Whites (i.e., Belgians) and it was supported by Rhodesia and South Africa. Also, the UN and NATO vs. Serbia in the late 1990s; NATO (i.e., mostly U.S. warplanes) attacked Serbia in 1999; the UN Security Council usually okays such military hits for NATO, but this time it didn’t, since members Russia and China complained loudly and threatened trouble. But that’s “foreign influence/power” being forced onto Serbia. That’s a type of imperialism. So, in conclusion, leftists and Jews yell about imperialism while their own ideology (international socialism and its variations) is just another form of imperialism.

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