14 January, 2020

Race: Sometimes It Matters, Sometimes It Doesn’t, Depending on What Day It Is

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(Above: Jewish race huckster Otto Klineberg [1899-1992]. He helped “win” the infamous Brown v. Board of Education court case in 1954).

A liberal, on Monday: “A person’s race doesn’t matter in the slightest! In fact, race doesn’t even exist! We’re all members of one race: the human race!” [1].

Same liberal, on Wednesday: “We need more African-Americans in Hollywood and the media!”

(I’ve noticed over the years that leftism is strongly based on “having your cake and eating it, too.” The rules of leftism shift frequently in order to give Blacks, Browns and others multiple choices).

Diversity group calls for more diversity in NFL management


[1] “There is no race but the human race,” declared Otto Klineberg, a Jewish “race expert” and a buddy of the famous Jewish fraud, Franz Boas, in 1935

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