16 January, 2020

Red Criminals: Communism in Australia

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(Above: Jewish communist Laurence “Laurie” Aarons, the National Secretary of the Communist Party of Australia).

Wait a second: “Criminals”?? Nahhh. Don’t they mean, uhhhm, “social reformers”? “Revolutionaries”? “Progressives”? Communism (“Russians” here) in Australia was heavily Jewish — big surprise, I know [1]. Lots of Jewish names in [Here, a .PDF file].


[1] key Jews in Australian communism included: Peter Simonoff/Simonov, Soviet representative in Australia (1918-1921); in October 1920 Simonoff/Simonov was a key figure in the formation of the Communist Party of Australia; also, Boris Taranov-Skvirsky, CPA co-founder Alfred Tennyson (Bob) Brodney, real name Brodzky; CPA co-founder Sam Wyner; and a whole Jewish group of communists: a Stalinist organization called The Gezerd, said by the Jews to be a “Social Democratic organization”); also Bernie Taft, the three Aarons brothers (Eric, Sam and Laurie [Laurence]), Bella Weiner, Charles Aizen, Saul Factor, Sam Goldbloom, Sam Cohen, Walter Lippmann (aka “The Jewish architect of Australian Multiculturalism”), Alick Mushin, Norman Rothfield, Isaac Gust, Amirah Inglis and Judah Waten

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