6 January, 2020

The Bold Arrogance of Zionism Increases as America Refuses to Leave Iraq

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Ohh, yeah, the “mistakenly-sent-out, unsigned, U.S. military letter acknowledging the American eviction from Iraq” was circulated by accident due to “too many helicopters flying around.” Yeah, suuure, riiiight. Wanna buy a bridge? How about some swamp land in Florida?

So, America (a.k.a. the new ruler of the world) has just said that its soldiers won’t be leaving Iraq, even though the Iraqi government has kicked the U.S. soldiers out of Iraq! Wow, that’s chutzpah! Speaking of chutzpah, Zionism is an arrogant, thuggish, Jewish ideology. So why has America adopted Zionism-as-policy?


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    1. Luke Says:

      Notice the infuriating level of freaking arrogance exploding out of this Orange asshole’s mouth. This is the same Israel fellator who has ADMITTED MULTIPLE times on National TV that Bush and Cheney LIED OUR ASSES into Iraq in the first place.

      He has also given multiple speeches and shat out dozens of tweets that said he wants to PULL OUR troops OUT OF IRAQ – and done the same thing regarding Syria, and each time he has expressed that attitude – bingo, the Israeli MOSSAD and the neocons dream up a false flag event of some kind, which this DUMBER THAN DOGSHIT, STUPID and BRAINLESS SLAB OF NEW YORK CITY SEWER rat shit always falls for, and then he orders cruise missiles to start flying……and then, his promises to pull our troop’s asses out of Iraqi and Syria are effectively squashed and buried.

      It does NOT take an IQ above 2 freaking digits to figure out that the jews want to make sure US military troops stay put, because they want to be able to use them as sitting ducks, and HUMAN BAIT that they can
      orchestrate false flag events against in order to stir up war fever among the stupid freaking American red state population who have shown themselves to be the most pathetically gullible, low IQ collection of brainless, easily snookered retards ever to exist in world history.  

      Iraqis own Iraq. It’s their sovereign territory, not OURS. They did NOT invite us to be there, we invaded and the invasion was based on premeditated LIES by the loathsome George Wmd Bush and Dickhead Cheney. We then managed to bribe a few Iraqi stooges after we invaded and destroyed their nation to agree to let us stick around, which was a huge mistake on their part – so then, the necons who lied us into Iraq, began to pour billions of US tax dollars into building permanent bases – which was a mistake on OUR PART, for which the Iraqis are not responsible.  

      Not one Iraqi voted for the US appropriations legislation that
      authorized blowing billions of US tax dollars on any of those bases. But, now we TrumpenPussy pulling a typical jew maneuver and threatening not to get his troops out of Iraq unless Iraq pays us back for the money we stupidly spent and which they had no role in appropriating in the first place?

      Even if Iraq paid us back, this slimy jew ass licking weasel would then find some OTHER EXCUSE not to pull our troops out of Iraq.

      The jews and the neocons and the Rush Scumbaugh of Trump excuse makers want to keep those troops stuck there because they WANT to have them there so as to pull false flag attacks against them, or try to conjure up some way to provoke the Iranians into KILLING them.