6 January, 2020

The High Cost of Negroes

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I used to know a realtor. He once told me that “Black people are notorious for being late with rent payments or not paying rent at all,” and, because of Blacks, Whites have to pay more for rent and have to cough up big money for security deposits because Blacks always destroy things, e.g., they leave holes in the carpet, holes in the walls, broken toilets, broken countertops, etc. and often their security deposits won’t nearly cover damages. Whites end up ultimately paying for Black-caused damages since the owners of the apartments have to recoup their loses via higher rents [1].


[1] thanks to the 1968 Civil Rights Act/Fair Housing Act, you must rent to Blacks, by law. Furthermore, it is illegal for any realtor to tell White people about the racial make-up of a neighborhood. For example, if a White homebuyer asks the realtor, “are there many Black people in this neighborhood?” the realtor cannot answer, by law

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