14 January, 2020

The Real Rulers of America: Women

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“Did you leave the toilet seat up again?? I told you not to do that, little boy!!” Get on your knees, White man! Women are in charge now. Today’s women = spoiled, feminist brats who divorce-rape you when they don’t get their way. Why bother with them? Go MGTOW.

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    1. Luke Says:

      I actually kind of agree with the idea of teaching your sons to raise the lid on the toilet before taking a leak. I view that as a common courtesy that demonstrates polite consideration.

      These days, I go into public rest rooms and nearly every stall I go into will have the seat down and it will be covered with puddles of nasty piss.

      I see that, and I remember how non-existent that kind of thing was back when I was a kid and the country was still 87 or more percent White and the traditional, male-female, two parent family had still not been destroyed by the jewish feminism cancer. White families passed down their values and taught their sons and daughters to practice White customs and traditions, and teaching sons to lift the toilet seat up before taking a whiz was part of those customs. Teaching daughters who were old enough to have periods to not toss their gross looking bloody tampons into the open trash was another ‘White’ custom.

      I’ve been in a few of these ‘uni-sex’ bathrooms where you can lock the door behind you, and unless you have a strong stomach, I’d advise men to not look too closely at whats in the trash cans.