20 February, 2020

Dr. William Pierce on Modern America (Audio)

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Play it for your family and friends. Audio; duration is 34 minutes: [Audio].

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    1. Luke Says:

      I can remember when Dr. Pierce first released this as a DVD video for sale. I bought several copies of it.

      Powerful material that I thought would be a guaranteed red pill to any White man or woman who would agree to watch it.

      As it turned out, I was overly optimistic and had no real idea of just how deeply the average White male has been brainwashed by Hollywood and the mainstream media. I had a former White buddy who I met and was stationed with while I did my time in the military and so, I invited this guy over on a weekend and sat him down and we watched this video from start to finish. I thought that the guy left my house as a racially red pilled White guy.

      I was wrong. This guy later told me that he had voted for Obama. Not just once, but twice.

      That friendship was terminated. BTW: This is not to say that McCain or Mittens would have been a better choice, because both of those slimeballs would have been a total disaster for the White race in America and I despised both of those assholes. McCain more so than Mittens, but Mittens is rapidly catching up since the Orange Turd got elected.

      The issue boils down to racial disloyalty and race treason. I have a zero tolerance policy for both of those behaviors.

    2. CSA Says: