16 February, 2020

Jews: the People of the Extra-Long Con

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From a news quote: “Pope Francis and European Jewish Congress president Moshe Kantor discuss future World Holocaust Forums”.

Oh, yeah, I’m sure they “discussed” future Hollowswindle forums real hard. For hours. Maybe days! Ever since the Vatican II sell-out [1], the Jews have more-or-less controlled the Catholic Church. The Jews say “jump” and the Church says “sure, how high?”

When America colonizes the moon in 75 years (think “huge domes filled with oxygen”), will there be Holocaust museums up there? Of course there will be! Dozens! Because the Jews are the people of the extra-long con. They specialize in the plus-sized, never-ending swindle. Indeed, there are now “second-generation” and even “third-generation” Holocaust survivors – you know, people who weren’t even born when “The Holocaust” allegedly happened! That’s called chutzpah!


[1] i.e., the Vatican’s 1965 “Nostra Aetate” declaration, in which the Catholic Church kissed Jewish ass. Why? Good question.

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