28 February, 2020

Riots In Greece As White People Reject Muslim Immigrants, or, It’s Time to End Globalism

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There is rioting in the Greek islands of Lesbos and Chios. White people are rioting, angry that scores of worthless Muslim immigrants are being allowed onto those islands against the wishes of the White people who live there. Those beautiful islands are being ruined by thousands of criminal Muslims. Why are the Muslim immigrants in Greece? Because the European Union (EU) wants them in Greece! Greece joined the EU in January 1981 and no doubt it wishes it hadn’t now [1]. Many countries want to leave the EU. Britain just left the EU last month. All European countries have lost sovereignty due to joining the EU. It’s time for White people to say “no” to all forms of globalism. (Get this: the official EU motto is: “United in Diversity.” That makes no sense. Europe is a White region. Why would White Europeans want “diversity”? That would eventually make Europe “not Europe anymore.” In other words, the language of White genocide is actually found in the EU motto. Is that sickening or what??).


[1] the EU is a “global parliament,” giving orders to 27 different countries in Europe. Why on earth would anyone want their country to join the EU? Since the official founding of the EU in November 1993, only one country has left it (Britain). No doubt more countries will leave it

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