1 February, 2020

Western Culture: It’s What Universities Are Waging War On Every Day (and Your Tax Dollars Are Paying For That War)

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Newbies, everything is political today. Why? Because of liberals. They make everything political. Even food is political today (ask Michael Bloomberg about his infamous “soda ban” in NYC — which was later overturned by a state court).

But really, when I say everything is “political,” I am not being entirely accurate. I should be saying that nearly everything is “racial” since 90% of the time political things are ultimately racial. Worse than that, the political>racial things are quickly leading to the genocide of Western culture in America. And to make it even worse than that, our tax dollars are paying for the destruction.

Ever since the New Left came to into being circa 1964, the liberals have been waging war on traditional Western culture (e.g., the Civil Rights Act of 1964). That war intensified with the rise of Cultural Marxism circa 1988. The New Left was of course built by ethnic Jews, most notably Herbert Marcuse, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Paul Krassner, Stew Albert, and various leaders of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). Cultural Marxism is also a Jewish-founded movement; anyone can read about The Frankfurt School (funny article here; as if the Frankfurt Fuckheads were legitimate scholars! As if!), aka the Institute for Social Research (in Germany and later at Columbia University in New York City).

Apparently, some of the more-innocent people in today’s universities (i.e., the less-radical people) have no idea what “Western Culture” is or who created it. For those youngsters who might not know the definition of Western culture, it’s “White, male culture, beginning in ancient Greece/ancient Rome.” The United States of America is a Western country. Its laws, customs, values and habits are White. They’re not Black, Brown or Asian.

Consider this quote:

“What needs to be said is that American culture is Eurocentric, and it must remain Eurocentric or collapse into meaninglessness. Standards of European and American origin are the only possible standards that can hold our society together and keep us a competent nation.” —- from the book “Slouching Towards Gomorrah” (New York; ReganBooks, 1996) by judge Robert H. Bork, p. 311.

So, judge Bork, one of the greatest legal minds of the recent era, is saying that, if you remove Western culture from America, you will destroy America! Think about that. Think hard.

President Donald Trump won’t do this, but nonetheless he really needs to: he should issue an Executive Order stating that it is a federal offense (a felony) to “deliberately destroy American culture by destroying the very nature of it, i.e., by destroying the critical Western part of it. Such destruction would include: “attacking, marginalizing or belittling Western culture in word or deed, or urging others to do so.” This would of course include speech and actions in the universities. Better yet, Trump should defund all of the universities until they change their sick ideological ways. If Trump won’t do this, who will? The next president? Or the next one after him? I doubt it. The more time passes, the less likely it is to happen. It needs to be done soon, because our multicultural Congress won’t ever do it.

News quote: “Yale has decided to take a stunning and brave stand against white males by striking all medicine discovered by white males from its med school curriculum.”


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    1. Douglas MacArthur Says:

      Sam Francis wrote this book in 1995, but is just now going to be released.

      Sam says we our people of different faiths and tribes must come together to fight the SOB’s.