8 March, 2020

Coronavirus: Don’t Stand So Close to Me, Slant

Posted by Socrates in Asia, Asians, Asians vs. Whites, chinks, coronavirus, disease, Diversity, diversity is hate, global citizenship/world citizenship, globalization, gooks/chinks/slants/yellows, immigration, racism, racism accusations, Socrates, Western civilization, Western culture at 2:21 pm | Permanent Link

Ahh, so that’s why the media never mentions the races of Coronavirus victims: it could spread “racism” and “xenophobia” against Asians. But it’s too late: normal White people are already turning “squint/slant/gook/chink/slope-phobic” (thank god, because Whites are way too welcoming of foreigners), and the longer Coronavirus lasts, the worse the phobia will get; Coronavirus will hopefully turn large segments of the West against globalism and mass immigration.

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