28 March, 2020

Nancy Pelosi’s $2-Trillion-Dollar Stimulus Law, or, More New Left Wrecking Balls

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(Above: can you imagine deliberately wrecking a beautiful mansion such as this one? Most normal people can’t imagine it).

Sometimes it’s easier to understand things if you think about them symbolically. So let’s do that. In fact, let’s coin a new phrase today.

Picture, in your minds, a huge, extremely beautiful mansion, such as the one shown above. The name of that mansion is “Traditional America.” It was built long ago, in 1776.

Now, picture something else in your minds: the year is 1964. Coming down the street towards Traditional America is a big crane. This crane is called the New Left (referring of course to leftism). On that crane, in the bed of it, there are several different wrecking balls: one ball is round, one is egg-shaped, and so on. That crane is going to use those wrecking balls to destroy Traditional America. The driver of that crane is a Marxist Jew named Herbert Marcuse. He actually built that crane, with a little help from his friends, who, strangely enough, are also Jews. The wrecking balls on that crane have names as well: one ball is named “civil rights” and the other balls are named “Affirmative Action,” “immigration,” “human rights,” “equality” and “feminism.” The crane soon gets to work swinging the wrecking balls against Traditional America, with each ball doing serious damage to the mansion, for Marcuse and his buddies are experts in the field of building demolition. But luckily, despite the damage, Traditional America still stands. But not for much longer. For the swinging of the wrecking balls continues without a pause.

Consider it: the New Left (1964-onward) has long been using those wrecking balls to destroy Traditional America and with very little opposition to the wrecking! That’s right. Almost none! The New Left is all about destruction. It doesn’t ever build anything [1].

Now, return your minds to a new law passed on Friday.

The new $2-trillion-dollar Coronavirus stimulus law is full of “New Left wrecking balls.” Such as: vote-by-mail mandates, which will increase vote fraud by illegal immigrants and leftists; massive amounts of money for Brown “refugees” and left-wing media/arts programs; and an amazing $4 billion dollars (!) for the homeless (i.e., “the professionally homeless”; no word yet on whether they must first stop pooping on public sidewalks and harassing humans in order to get the money).

Every time you turn around, the New Left is creating another wrecking ball to swing at Traditional America. They must have two dozen such balls by now: communism, socialism, immigration, “sanctuary cities,” feminism, Green Marxism, “anti-racism” laws, gun control laws, “civil rights/human rights” laws, “Affirmative Action” laws, welfare mandates, the “weaponizing/politicizing” of homeless people, “red flag” gun confiscation laws, various anti-family mandates, “HUD houses,” and so on.


[1] the New Left’s godfather is Jewish philosopher and author Herbert Marcuse (1898–1979), who paved the way for it with his 1964 book “One-Dimensional Man”

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