15 March, 2020

The West: What Is It?

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Seen on the web: a liberal Jew saying that the West (racially speaking) refers to people of the earth’s “western hemisphere.” That is false, like most things said by leftists and Jews. They should study more and run their mouths less.

The West, racially speaking, refers to western civilization (i.e., all of the White countries: the United States, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, etc.).

The East refers to the Asian countries (e.g., Japan, China, Korea, etc.).

A more modern, geopolitical definition of the West, circa 1949, refers to it as “the NATO countries.” This definition will work, kind of, in general at least, but note that since Turkey is, unfortunately, now a NATO member, that definition is admittedly much less accurate. (Turkey is a Muslim country and why it joined NATO is not really understood. For diversity, perhaps?). But, if you use the term “western hemisphere,” then you are including by default parts of Africa, all of Mexico, all of Central America (such as Nicaragua), and all of South America, including Peru and Colombia, which are obviously not White. So using “western hemisphere” as another term for the West is just plain wrong.

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