22 March, 2020

Yes, America Should Hold China Accountable for Covering Up Coronavirus Spread

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U.S. Senator: “Well, we know that they (the Chinese government) suppressed the actual news, and we know that they ordered the whistleblower doctors to keep silent. Of course, one of those doctors, at least, lost his life because of that. We know that they delayed global response to this virus by weeks, weeks that represent thousands of lost lives.”

That official communist censorship of news of a deadly virus has to be worth some major, major cash in the West! How much will the U.S. government charge China? Many, many billions of dollars, I’m guessing. No doubt, the money will be extracted in huge trade tariffs by America, Britain, France, Spain, Italy, etc. Oy veh!! That expense is in addition to the Chinese economy going bankrupt or nearly bankrupt due to Kung Flu. I wouldn’t want to be a top Chinese party leader right now. Just saying. I’m guessing heads will roll in Beijing as top party leaders point fingers of blame. Will there be firing squads in Beijing? Probably. Will this spell the end of Chinese communism? Let’s hope so. What a price to pay for China following a Jewish ideology! (Maoism is a variation of Marxism–Leninism).


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