14 April, 2020

America: the Swine Flu Response vs. the Covid-19 Response: Why the Big Difference?

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Most people agree: the Great Coronavirus Scare of 2020 will go down in history (for several different reasons).

There have been two similar pandemics in America in the early 21st century: the Swine Flu (aka H1N1) in 2009-2010, and the current Covid-19 (aka coronavirus, aka SARS II) pandemic in early 2020. The death rates of the two pandemics were/are roughly the same (so far): 12,469 deaths due to Swine Flu, and 13,000 deaths due to Covid-19, as of early April 2020 [1]. Symptoms of H1N1 and Covid-19 are similar: coughing, difficulty breathing, fever, tiredness, etc., but H1N1 symptoms included nausea/vomiting while Covid-19 symptoms didn’t. Both diseases were declared by the World Health Organization to be global pandemics. Both came from China.

During the H1N1 pandemic, there was little noise made about it in the media or in the government. But, during the Covid-19 pandemic, there was and is mass hysteria on every media and governmental front, the likes of which few people have ever seen before. Why? One main reason is this: during the H1N1 pandemic, a liberal negro (Barack Obama) was president and the entire Western media loved Obama. No doubt, the media bosses didn’t want the troubles of a pandemic to burden their favorite negro; he had important, even historic, work to do. During the Covid-19 pandemic, however, a conservative White man (Donald Trump) was president, a man who was not only hated but pathologically hated by the Western media, the political elite and many people in the government.

More pointedly, in the minds of many powerful people, in both America and Europe, Trump single-handedly “killed” the ideology of “traditional conservatism” (aka Cuckservatism) and paved the way for a new type of conservative ideology, commonly known as “right-wing populism.” Many powerful people in the West hate, and fear, right-wing populism: it reminds them of Nazi Germany and “America First” anti-Semitism and isolationism.

Note that, in America, 2009/2010 were not presidential-election years, but 2020 is a presidential-election year. If Trump’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic is seen as, or portrayed as, ineffective, that would likely sink his chances of being re-elected in November.

Trump is seen by many powerful people as the “bringer” or the “herald” of right-wing populism. Therefore, for many of those people, “discrediting or stopping Trump and his right-wing populism” would rank #1 on their lists of “things to do.”

So, why is there mass hysteria surrounding Covid-19 but there wasn’t with H1N1, when both disease are surprisingly similar? Because certain powerful people want it that way, e.g., Jewish media bosses, globalists, political elites, billionaires — in other words, the people who really run America. Is it a conspiracy? No, I don’t think so. It’s dumb luck: Covid-19 just happened to appear in America at roughly the same time that the attempt to impeach Trump was ending; it was, no doubt, an “Aha! Here’s another way to remove Trump from office!” moment for all of the anti-Trumpers. (In fact, the U.S. Senate acquitted Trump on the very day that Covid-19 testing kits were first shipped from the CDC to dozens of medical laboratories across the country [Feb. 5]. Talk about eerie Cohencidences!).

By the way, the anti-Trumpers know by now that they over-played their hand with Covid-19 hysteria. For example, they didn’t anticipate that liberal governors would shut down dozens of states due to the hysteria, including the Jewish city of New York and the Jewish film industry in Los Angeles [2]. (Aside from the Trump political angle mentioned above, two other beneficiaries of the Great Coronavirus Scare are: real-estate tycoons and money-lenders of all types. The former will be buying up bankrupted properties for pennies on the dollar, and the latter will be loaning money hand-over-fist).


[1] the actual deaths from Covid-19 are unknown, since it came to light in early April 2020 that Covid deaths are dishonestly counted by the government; another pandemic, the 2003 SARS outbreak, which also came from China, was minor in comparison to Swine Flu and Covid-19.

[2] while Trump is friendly (indeed, too friendly) with Israel, it doesn’t change the fact that the most powerful people in America and Britain today are ethnic Jews (esp. the media bosses), and they are on record saying that they fear Trump and his “racist/isolationist/anti-NWO” supporters; indeed, say the word “populism” within earshot of a Jew and the hairs on the back of his neck will stand up tall; images of Charles Lindbergh and Father Coughlin — populist icons of the 1930s — will swirl in his brain

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