10 April, 2020

Italy Re-Evaluates Covid-19 Deaths, Says Doctors Severely Over-Counted Deaths from Covid-19; Fauci Labels Us Conspiracy Kooks

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This is important because Italy had very high Covid-19 case and death numbers.

Italy, like America, played fast-and-loose with the Covid-19 death numbers. Only 12% of the cases in Italy were actual, proven Covid-19 deaths. The rest of the Covid cases were patients who had 1, 2 or 3 underlying health issues that could have caused their deaths all by themselves, without Covid-19. The previous death-counting, of course, “gamed” or padded the death numbers, and of course scared the crap out of the public. The patients merely “had” Covid-19 in their blood. This video includes comments on Covid-19 death reporting by an American, Dr. Scott Jensen of Minnesota. Note in the video that Dr. Fauci, the White House “expert,” calls people who question the faulty Covid-19 death-reporting “conspiracy theorists.” I don’t think I’m a conspiracy…wait a second…look, up in the sky…is that??…OMG!! It’s a UFO!! It was probably made by the CIA and the KGB, with help from Jimmy Hoffa, JFK and Elvis, who aren’t really dead!! Run for the hills!!

[Fox News Video, April 8; duration is 6 minutes; see the 1:00 mark].

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